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Boiler Repair Monifieth

Servicing gives you an opportunity to identify badly maintained, faulty or damaged boilers. After identifying the faults, make sure you carry out boiler repair services to reduce the chances of boiler breakdown. Malfunctioning boilers pose a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning which can lead to death if the gas is leaking.

Boilers That Need Urgent Servicing

Even without any training in heating, there are some warning signs which should alert you on when to service your boiler. The pilot light on your boiler should be constantly on, but if you notice the lights are flickering, you need to schedule boiler servicing. Contact us immediately if you notice an odd smell coming from you boiler when it is in use. Also, if you notice that your boiler is not functioning well in any way, do not hesitate to call us.

Reliable Service from Expert Boiler Engineers

Our gas engineers are fully qualified and experienced to handle servicing for different types of boilers. When you call us, we will dispatch an engineer immediately. Our engineers can service condensing boilers, open vents, combi boilers, and non-condensing boilers. They will perform a number of tasks and checks when they visit you including;

  • Inspect the boiler and different controls to confirm that they are operating efficiently and safely.
  • Some boiler damages such as corrosion and leaks can be visually identified so our engineers check for the issues visually.
  • We also clean the flue and the heat exchangers and inspect the ventilation for any obstruction.
  • To test for dangerous emissions such as carbon monoxide emissions, we perform a flue test.
  • We also check the rate of gas consumption/pressure to make sure it is working well. If we notice any issue, we make the necessary adjustments immediately.
  • Our engineers inspect the electrical connections and clean the burner.

We Are Keen On Proper Servicing

After we inspect and service your boiler, we record all our observations in our boiler logbook. Every detail on the checks we have carried out and any boiler repair that is needed are written in the book. To ensure your boiler remains in the best condition, we write for you the date for your next boiler servicing so that you do not forget. Eco Efficient Monifieth is an expert in boiler repairs; contact us for repair service you can count on any day!

Eco Efficient Monifieth provides full range of the following services including;

  • Boiler maintenance.
  • Central heating installation.
  • Consultancy and site survey.
  • Central heating repair.
  • Power flushing and descaling services.
  • Heating maintenance.
  • Boiler installation.
  • Gas and boiler leak repair.

With our bespoke services covering Monifieth, Longforgan, Monikie, Ninewells, and Tealing area, you can rest assured that you will receive the best boiler service! Our reliable engineers understand that boiler services are a matter of emergency. We therefore provide prompt and efficient services at pocket friendly prices.

Call Eco Efficient Monifieth today if you are looking for a professional heating and boiler company.

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